What are the activities of the Australian Air Force Cadets?

The AAFC will teach you valuable LIFE SKILLS and you will develop qualities including LEADERSHIP, SELF RELIANCE, SELF CONFIDENCE, SELF DISCIPLINE, SELF RESPECT, GOOD COMMUNICATION, TEAMWORK and CITIZENSHIP It gives young people the opportunity to experience life in the Air Force. Activities include; Weekly Parades where cadets have a set syllabus with topics such as SERVICE KNOWLEDGE, AVIATION, FIELDCRAFT, SURVIVAL, DRILL and CEREMONIAL MARCHES and SERVICES such as Anzac Day, Rememberance Day and RAAF Association Marches. WEEKEND FIELD EXERCISES concentrating on bush survival, fieldcraft, navigational exercises and leadership training. Cadet experiences include: Powered Flying Gliding Aero modelling Firearms Safety Training First Aid Courses Adventure Training Exchanges to overseas countries with other Air Cadet organisations Leadership training.