Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to join the Australian Air Force Cadets, you must meet the following criteria:

•Have attained the age of 13 years, but not the age of 18 years;
•Have your parent’s or guardian’s permission to enrol;
•Be a person ordinarily resident in Australia;
•Be sufficiently fit and capable of carrying out the normal duties and activities of a cadet in the AAFC;
•Not be a member of either the Australian Navy Cadets (ANC), Australian Army Cadets (AAC) or the Australian Defence Force (permanent or reserve); and
•Must make a commitment to abide by the Cadet Code of Conduct.

You must also be willing to make a commitment to regularly attend Squadron parades and activities.

If you would like additional information, please contact us by sending an email to our Executive Officer,

A/WOFF(AAFC) David Cox, at